Yusuke Kawaguchi, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo 

Email: ykawgauchi@aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp 

Address: 5-1-5 Kashiwa-no-ha, Kashiwa, Chiba, 277-8564, Japan 


I've been studying on polar-sea physical oceanography. I really love to go to the field in the Arctic or anywhere else. Particular insterests are ice and ocean dynamics, and their coupling system. Recent works as publications are concerned with sea-ice modeling, internal gravitiy waves, mesoscalar vortices, turbulence in the ocean, etc.


Professional Experience

Reviewed Papers

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Publications under Review

1. Nomura, D., Y. Kawaguchi, et al. "Saroma-ko Lagoon Observations for sea ice Physico-chemistry and Ecosystems 2019",BGR, under revision, 2019.

Non-Reviewed Papers

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